Hello and welcome! I photograph competitive sailing, emphasizing one-design racing. Here you'll find photographs of the world's finest sailors competing at national and international championships all over the world.

NOTE POSTED 05/25/2012 I am packing away the cameras to become a high school physics teacher. I've accepted a teaching position with an "at-risk" public high school in southeast Dallas and begin August 27th. THANK YOU to everyone I've had the pleasure to meet and photograph over the years. A special thanks goes to the leadership and membership of the Star class. It would not have been possible to do what I've done without your support. I intend to keep this website up for the forseeable future. If possible, I'll try to shoot a few events now and then for fun. Take care and smooth sailing!

I believe if you are a fan of the sport you will enjoy your time here since, at the heart, the feeling one gets while racing is the same for all of us regardless of your class or level of racing experience.

So have a look at the albums and photos, see my FAQ for answers to many questions, sign my guestbooks on the various album pages, or feel free to send me an email (fried @ friedbits.com). It is always nice to hear from you.

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